Duchy Wealth Management

Our aim is to provide our clients with wide ranging financial advice to help them achieve what is really important to them and those they love.

Are you looking for a financial adviser that provides:

  • The Confidence to know that you are doing the right thing?
  • A Relationship that provides the trust for frank and positive discussions?
  • The Understanding to explore every avenue to accomplish what is important to you?

We are committed to providing a long term and sustained relationship and believe strongly in balancing the need for longer term planning with living each day to the full.

We are based in Cornwall and specialise in serving clients with overall assets of more than £1 million.

Please do contact us if you would like to discuss working together.

Simon Holdsworth     Financial Adviser

Simon Holdsworth has advised us for over nine years and we have complete confidence in his professionalism and common-sense, delivered with exemplary courtesy and patience.

John and Priscilla Baxter

    "As a result of working with Simon I have confidence in knowing that I will have an assured income in the future and that my current lifestyle can be maintained."
    Gillian Shaw

    Model 1

    "Working with Simon has significantly helped us. With him we have analysed in detail our feelings about risk and this has given us real comfort, a confidence and a relationship we wish to continue."
    Christopher and Lisa Rowe

    Model 2

    "A key benefit of working with Simon is that I know that I can always sound him out and that we are on the same wavelength."
    Fleur Moore

    Model 3