Our Charges

We operate on a basis of clear and published charges that are always agreed beforehand in writing.

Our initial meeting is at our expense and charges then become payable if it is agreed that we will provide specific advice or an ongoing review service.

Adviser Charges

These would become payable where for instance you ask us to advice upon a new investment.

In the case of an investment the amount charged is based on a sliding scale and is detailed in our Client Agreement document .

Example Initial Advice Charges

As an example the fee to provide advice upon an investment amount of £100,000 would be £3,000. This charge is calculated based upon a percentage of the amount being invested. In this case the percentage charge would be 3%. For larger investment amounts the advice charge falls as a percentage of the amount being invested and for instance the charge to provide advice upon an investment of £500,000 would be £5,500.

Our initial advice charge is capped at £8,000 so therefore the charge for an amount of £2,000,000 would be £8,000.

Our Ongoing Advice Charge

Providing an ongoing service is at the heart of our service and business ethos.

The scope and frequency of the ongoing service provided is agreed in writing and is expanded upon here.

Example Ongoing Review Service Fees

For providing an ongoing service we receive a fee of 0.5% per year based upon the investment amount that we are advising upon. In the significant majority of cases our clients prefer that this is arranged to be paid directly from the investments themselves as an explicit and transparent charge.

As an example the fee to provide an ongoing service upon an investment amount of £1,000,000 is £5,000 per year.