Inheritance Tax

It is possible to take concrete and meaningful steps in the area of inheritance tax planning.

We can advise you upon solutions so that you can retain the balance of control and income you wish whilst also addressing the issue of inheritance tax, and the timing of when you wish your assets to be made available to future generations.

Planning for the next generation with Duchy Wealth Management

Planning Can Help

Notwithstanding apparent moves in recent years to simplify the tax regime, and contrary perhaps to perceived wisdom, clear and practical measures can be taken to help address the issue of potentially unnecessary inheritance tax.

Duchy Wealth Management works with its clients to look ahead and examine how their assets may be required during their lifetime to serve them and their dependents, and then to whom they would like their assets to eventually pass after their death.

By understanding the potential future ways in which their wealth may need to be used investments and assets can be positioned to allow them to transfer efficiently to future generations at the right time.

A common characteristic of an estate planning review is the use of a variety of solutions, and that in practice these are built up step by step over a period of time to fit in with an overall set of priorities and needs.

Risk and Timing

Important areas such as feelings about risk and timing of transfers are discussed and potential options considered before a plan is put in place.


We provide advice to our clients on the potential positives and pitfalls of using such as trust based solutions to secure the efficient transfer of wealth both during a person’s lifetime and on their death.


Duchy Wealth Management has built up particular expertise in the area of inheritance tax planning and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your own specific circumstances with you if you wish.