Investment and Pensions

The Challenge

Planning for the future with the aim of maintaining and growing our wealth and spending power we can find ourselves investing what can be sometimes a significant portion of our assets.

Why is this so?


Investments however can see their value fall as well as rise and at times such falls can be significant. In response to this at Duchy Wealth Management we have adopted two bedrock principles when we recommend and advise upon investments:

  • Risk: Together we will thoroughly explore in wide ranging discussions your approach to taking risks in your own planning, and the extent to which you are prepared to tolerate fluctuations in the value of your investments in the pursuit of beating inflation.
  • Diversification: We believe that it is absolutely vital to maintain a well spread investment portfolio. This can require strength and nerve in the midst of a boom, when accepted wisdoms of the moment can for a time make a well diversified approach look rather unexciting.

Your investment holdings may well be made up of a variety of products, such as ISAs, Unit Trusts and Offshore Bonds, built up in order to maximise the various tax and income planning opportunities that are available.

guard against inflation with Duchy Wealth Management

Wraps or Platforms

Experience has shown that it can be beneficial to hold your various investment products, such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) or Bonds within a so called ‘Wrap’ or ‘Platform’ investment account.

Your account provides you with a single point of reference bringing together your various investments, and allowing you to hold and switch between different funds and products in an efficient and secure way.

An investment account can provide the very real benefits of clarity and control and we will recommend one for you if this appropriate.