Our Ongoing Service

The heart of our service, of our business, is one of ongoing relationships with our clients built over the years upon regular review meetings and contact.

It is usual for meetings to take place at your home. This ensures that discussions take place in the context of your own lifestyle and values, and that information is more readily to hand.

  • Staying on Target – Our regular meetings ensure that you stay in control and that your planning reflects any changes in your priorities.
  • Consistency – The continuity of having one adviser means that a real relationship of trust and understanding can develop.
  • Newsletters and Budget Reports – Provide additional information and can themselves prompt us to arrange to talk.

At each regular Review Meeting we will look a fresh with you at your circumstances, needs, priorities and current investments.

Discussions will include:

  • A strategic review of your situation
  • An update of regulatory and economic issues requiring your attention
  • A performance review and forward looking opportunities
  • Recommended changes in investment, income and tax planning strategy

Following each meeting we will provide you with a written report confirming our discussions, summarising our findings and outlining any recommendations. For instance this report may make recommendations to rebalance a portion of your investments to keep them in line with your needs and to take account of changes since a previous meeting. It will also take into account changes in taxation law and regulation and the threats and opportunities they may have created for your planning.

In addition to the above we also provide:

  • Direct Adviser Access – Telephone and email assistance throughout the year
  • Regular Information – Quarterly newsletters and well as ad hoc topical reports
  • Professional Liaison – Work with 3rd party professionals to help with your planning

Investment Risk

Our investment approach includes thorough and detailed discussions together. These look at the extent to which you are prepared, and it is appropriate for you, to tolerate fluctuations in the value of your investments in the pursuit of beating inflation. As part of our relationship you will be provided with written reports clearly describing the agreed approach to risk for your investments.


We believe that it is absolutely vital to maintain a well spread investment portfolio. The wide ranging discussions we will undertake around risk and your needs allow this to achieved in an efficient and controlled way.

Tax Planning

A core part of our service is to discuss and review with you the tax and regulatory environment and to consider ways to improve your overall income, capital gains and inheritance tax planning as you may wish.